I am running to be your voice in Congress because a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is too important to waste.

I’m fighting for the soul of our communities to ensure decisions affecting us are not decided by the Washington DC special interests who can write the largest campaign checks, but by people in our neighborhoods who deserve to be heard and have a strong voice in Congress.
These times require more than having an okay voting record. We need bold, innovative and fearless leadership for our future. Everyone in our community deserves leadership who will listen, be accessible and won’t miss opportunities to build community and deliver real results. [More]

A proven record of fighting for Coloradans.

As Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Crisanta fought to ensure a brighter future for ALL Coloradans. The two sessions she has served as Speaker are widely recognized as being the most productive in many years as she demonstrated a proven ability to rise above divisive politics to make problem solving her top priority. [Learn more about Crisanta]

“I know that our collective voices can sound just as loud as the voices of the wealthy and the well-connected.”

Crisanta Duran, First Latina Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives