I am running to be your voice in Congress because a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives is too important to waste.

I’m fighting for the soul of our communities to ensure decisions affecting us are not decided by the Washington DC special interests who can write the largest campaign checks, but by people in our neighborhoods who deserve to be heard and have a strong voice in Congress.

These times require more than having an okay voting record. We need bold, innovative and fearless leadership for our future. Everyone in our community deserves leaders who will listen, be accessible and won’t miss opportunities to build community and deliver real results.

Denver is my home. I am a 6th generation Coloradan and my story is an American story. I come from a family of Mexican ancestry, Native Americans, laborers, ranchers, and farmers. I served the people in the Colorado Legislature for the last eight years, was the first Latina in the country to serve as a Speaker of the House and the youngest woman in Colorado to do so. I’m proud that my time in this role is regarded as the most productive in the state in a decade. I have a record of addressing the challenges people face every day and I will do the same as your Congresswoman in Washington DC.

Fairness, equity, and justice are on the June of 2020 primary election ballot, and it’s time to expect more from our elected leaders in Washington DC. Addressing climate change, affordable housing and childcare, income inequality, gun safety, criminal justice reform, health care, humane immigration policies, equity in education, civil rights and much more are at stake. I’ve delivered progressive solutions to these issues during the time I served in the Colorado state legislature and will do the same in Congress.

I am ready to advocate for you with a sense of urgency and new energy to ensure we don’t take communities for granted and leave people behind. I hope you will join our people-powered movement to take back our seat in Congress that will not be bought and paid for with super corporate PAC money when we win! That’s because YOU will always be my top priority.


Crisanta Duran